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Todayís player to interview is Utah State running back Darwin Thompson. We will be looking at the background of this change..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteStampede Bluean Indianapolis Colts communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsColtsShopAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Colts StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Colts NewsYahoo Colts Team PageYahoo Colts ReportYahoo Colts Depth ChartYahoo Colts TransactionsYahoo Colts PhotosShop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕Filed under:NFL GeneralColts AnalysisInterviewsColts Prospect Interviews: Utah State RB Darwin ThompsonNew Skai Moore Color Rush Jersey ,5commentsESTShareTweetShareShareColts Prospect Interviews: Utah State RB Darwin ThompsonChris Nicoll-USA TODAY SportsThe Colts Prospect Interviews are still going strong after the Combine. Todayís player to interview is Utah State running back Darwin Thompson. We will be looking at the background of this change of pace running back along with how he fits the Colts and some film clips of his skillset. The interview will be towards the bottom of the page as we talk about his time in JUCO, his insane workout habits, and what he brings to an NFL team.BackgroundSize:5í8Ē 200 poundsCareer Stats:153 carries for 1,044 yards with a yards per carry of 6.8 and 14 touchdowns. 23 catches for 351 yards and 2 touchdowns in one year at Utah State.Why He Fits:The Colts have three solid young running backs in Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, and Jordan Wilkins. They could use a guy to complete that rotation and provide depth. One way they could use that 4th spot is by adding a power runner and another is adding a dynamic, pass catching back behind Hines. Why not both though? Thompson has the speed and athleticism to be a game changer but also is big and scrappy enough to fight for extra yards in the short game. He would provide valuable depth while also adding an extra dynamic out of the backfield. He excels at catching passes which is key in Frank Reichís offensive system.Film RoomNotice the game breaking ability from Thompson. He bursts through open lanes with ease and then can hit that second gear past defensive backs for big touchdowns.Evaluators always talk about ďcontact balanceĒ but what is it? The ability to absorb hits and stay on your feet. Thompson has excellent contact balance and grinds out every yard.He is also a weapon in the receiving game. He can turn simple screen passes into big gains (Colts certainly need more help on screen passes).InterviewZH: How does a potential NFL prospect like yourself get no college offers out of high school?DT: I was an average student, I was an average player. No one was going to take a chance on a kid thatís not that great on the field with average grades. I really held myself back in high school and thatís the message that Iíll preach to this day to the kids still in high school. Take care of your grades and make sure you are great on and off the field, it goes hand in hand. You canít be great on the field without doing what is right in the classroom.ZH: So you attended Northeastern Oklahoma A&M out of high school, what was your time like there?DT: Humbling. It was a humbling experience since the day I walked on campus. I had to grow up fast, I was on my own. There was no more pointing fingers, Iíll get myself out of JUCO just like I put myself in that situation. I met some of my best friends for the rest of my life and they are my brothers. We all struggled together, living in that same dorm room, taking showers in the same room like we were brothers from the day we met. Definitely a humbling experience that gave me time to grow mentally and physically and Iíll be forever grateful for that.ZH: After one season at Utah State, you decided to turn Pro. What went into that decision?DT: With me playing JUCO ball and then going onto Utah State, I felt like I was well prepared. I played with one of the best JUCO coaches in the Nation and playing with Utah State that ended up being one of the best teams in the Nation. I felt like I was well prepared for the next level mentally and physically and God just put it on my heart. I talked with my parents and talked with my coachesó who ended up going to Texas Techó and I felt like that was the best decision for me going forward.ZH: At Utah State, you guys ran a fast, high tempo offense. How was that system for you as the main bellcow? Do you think it has better prepared you for the speed of the NFL game?DT: Definitely. Being able to be in sync, play after play taking hand-offs and taking the ball https://www.coltsfanshop.com/Jack-Mewhort-Jersey , it just gave me a chance to show how explosive I really am as a ball carrier and just as a playmaker within itself. Running lanes, catching the ball just gave me an opportunity to show off my game.ZH: You were one of the biggestóif not the biggestó NFL Combine snubs this year. Were you disappointed when you found out you werenít attending the event?DT: I mean, I was definitely a little disappointed but at the end of the day, I preach Godís plan. There is a reason I wasnít there and I just get the opportunity to showcase myself at Pro Day. Weíve seen the outcome of the RBs that were there and there was a select few that showed out in a sense. Iím just glad that I get an opportunity to showcase my talent at my Pro Day and take it for what it is.ZH: Iíve heard you are an insane athlete with some crazy workouts. Have you always had that type of work ethic in the weight room or is that more of a recent thing?DT: Iíve always been more athletic than I was an actual football player. I was always an athlete and then I started perfecting my craft once I got to the JUCO level and became more of a running back while studying the game. Beforehand I was just an athlete out there playing football and now Iíve started perfecting my craft. Iíve always been strong, fast, able to jump.. Iíve just always been an athlete. ZH: Looking at your film and the contact balance is the first thing that pops. Is that just an innate ability that some guys have or is there a way that you have worked to get where you are with that?DT: I think I really worked on that and perfected that and I think that started in the weight room for me. Some people say Iím small but I believe that Iím just short. Iím not small. Iím 201. I squat and bench more than o-linemen do. I power clean more than o-linemen do. I can be the fastest man on the field as well. Really the contact balance starts in the weight room for me and I read something on Twitter once that changed my game forever. It was like my sophomore year of high school and it said ďWhat makes a great back is his desire to go score.Ē That is how I walk into every game, I wonít let one man take me down. ZH: Love it man. Just while you brought it up, what is your squat, bench, and power clean that is better than o-linemen?DT: To be honest I donít know my max, I surprise myself every time I go out to the weight room, but the last time that I did squat, I squatted 695 which I probably could have done four reps. I benched 405. I recently benched 225 pounds 29 times. The last time I power cleaned was 385.ZH: A big part of playing RB is vision. Vision is what separates good running backs from great running backs in the NFL. How does a running back get great vision? Is it from film study or just, again, a natural ability?DT: Definitely a film study. I feel like if you can see yourself before the game has started making certain moves and know the defenses tendencies, youíll be able to seek out error in the defense. To me ultimately that is called vision, seeking error in the defenses. I feel like that is a film study thing. It can be created just like in todayís game. What LeVeon Bell is doing now, they used to call it dancing in the backfield back in the day. Now heís getting paid millions of dollars to do something that theyíve been critiquing on and frowned upon and now heís getting paid million of dollars to be dancing and making money.ZH: Pass catching and pass blocking are so vital for NFL backs nowadays. Are those two areas that you would say you are strong in?DT: My pass blocking can definitely be fine tuned just like anything else in my game but I definitely want to be taught the correct technique. Thatís not something that running backs really just focus on because we block maybe three times, four times a game but just to be able to do that to the best of my ability like running or catching the ball. I wanna be 99 percent as a running back. I wanna be 99 overall and to do that J'Marcus Webb Jersey , I wanna be a great pass blocker. Iím an athlete so me catching the ball is just natural. I can play receiver or running back, Iím an athlete. I donít claim to be a running back. I can do it all.ZH: Who in the NFL do you compare yourself most to/ model your game after?DT: I really model my game after a couple running backs. I like Marshawn Lynch and the way he runs the ball with aggression. Jerick McKinnon who is a slasher and really that is who I could see myself mold my game after most. Ameer Abdullah, Ray Rice, I used to watch Adrian Peterson when I was younger and thought I would be 6í2Ē but it didnít end up going that way (laughs). I like to try and focus on guys around my height. Ameer Abdullah, Jerick McKinnon, Marshawn Lynch are some of the main guys I study. I watch Barry Sanders a lot too. ZH: Final question for you man. What would it be like to (potentially) be able to play alongside a QB like Andrew Luck and run behind a dominant offensive line like the Colts have?DT: That would be crazy. I mean just look at Marlon Mack. He dominated just as soon as he got into the league and there was doubt against him. No one thought Marlon Mack would step up and be so dominant for the Colts but to be able to get behind that O-line and see what heís doing, I can only imagine what I could be able to do behind that line for my own sake and my own confidence behind that line, I would be able to kill the game and should be one-on-one with safeties and linebackers and do what I do best. (Regarding) Andrew Luck, I could only imagine playing alongside one of the next great quarterbacks in the NFL. They are another running back away from making a run at the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Marquee matchups across the board in Week 15 of the NFL kicked off last night in Kansas City as the Los Angeles Chargers dropped the Kansas City Chiefs in a Week 1 rematch between two of the top teams in the league. In one of the best of the Thursday night games this season, Patrick Mahomes and Philip Rivers duked it out right down to the wire.The NFL is back on Saturdays with two matchups featuring some of the premier younger talents in the league. Deshaun Watson and his Texansí team look to start a new winning streak against Sam Darnold and the Jets, whoíre fresh off a win of their own after taking down the Bills last Sunday. The Saturday night game features the surging Cleveland Browns behind terrific offensive play from Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb, against the Denver Broncos and their stingy defense and great run game being Phillip Lindsay.The early slate on Sunday features a number of games you wonít want to watch ó such as the Cardinals vs. Falcons, Raiders vs. Bengals, Lions vs. Bills and Redskins vs. Jaguars ó but has two wild card hopefuls in the Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings.Elsewhere, the Ravens will look to rebound from their loss to the Chiefs last week when they host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Dallas Cowboys take their excellent defense and stellar playmakers to Indianapolis to take on a Coltsí team thats won their last six out of seven games. Saquon Barkley will try to continue his rookie of the year campaign in New York as the Titans travel to take on the G-men, and Aaron Rodgers will look to go 2-0 since the departure of former head coach Mike McCarthy against the stellar Chicago Bears defense in another excitement Week 1 rematch.The Seattle Seahawks have a divisional matchup with Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers as Russell Wilson looks to continue his run at a wild card slot, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will look to end their three-game losing streak at home against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.Sunday Night Football features the Nick Foles-led Eagles against the a Rams team hoping to rebound after their offense was blanked in Chicago. Week 15 finishes up on Monday night where the NFC-leading New Orleans Saints will look to take advantage of a Panthers team in the midst of a five-game losing streak.After a wild week in game picks during Week 14, thereís a three-way tie at the top between Brett Mock Jordan Wilkins Color Rush Jersey , Chris Shepherd and Andrew Aziz. Letís see how the Stampede Blue staff sees Week 15 playing out.Brett Mock: 119-73 / Chris Shepherd: 119-73 / Andrew Aziz: 119-73 / Stephen Reed: 115-77 / Jared Malott: 113-79 / Elliot Denton: 112-80 / Chris Blystone: 100-77 / Zachary Hicks: 84-77 / Blake Pace: 74-41 / Ana Krasuski 31-29Thursday 8:20 pm ETChargers @ Chiefs (7) | Contrarians: Stephen Reed, Andrew Aziz, Jared MalottSaturday 4:30 pm ETTexans (9) @ Jets | Contrarian: Chris BlystoneSaturday 8:20 pm ETBrowns (7) @ Broncos | Contrarians: Brett Mock, Aziz, Blake PaceSunday 1:00 pm ETCardinals @ Falcons (9) | Contrarian: Chris ShepherdRaiders @ Bengals (5) | Contrarians: Mock, Reed, Aziz, Malott, PaceDolphins @ VikingsCowboys @ ColtsBuccaneers @ RavensLions @ Bills (5) | Contrarians: Mock, Reed, Blystone, Elliot Denton, PacePackers @ Bears (8) | Contrarians: Pace, Ana KrasuskiRedskins @ Jaguars (9) | Contrarian: ShepherdTitans @ Giants (6) | Contrarians: Denton, Malott, Zachary Hicks, KrasuskiSunday 4:05 pm ETSeahawks @ 49ersSunday 4:25 pm ETPatriots (9) @ Steelers | Contrarian: AzizSunday 8:20 pm ETEagles @ RamsMonday 8:15 pm ETSaints @ PanthersWhat are your picks for Week 15?

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