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In the NFL White Steve Grogan Jerseys , 35 is considered old. Few players make it over this threshold and still remain successful among colleagues that are in a lot of cases more than 10 years younger. However, those who do survive in the league that long are oftentimes still at the top of their game, especially at positions that pose a slightly different athletic challenge than most. The quarterback spot is the best example, and 2018 serves as a perfect reminder of that.39-year old New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and the Los Angeles Chargers’ 36-year old Philip Rivers are both in the middle of arguably their best seasons to date. The Pittsburgh Steelers’s 36-year old Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile, and soon-to-be 35-year old Green Bay Packers passer Aaron Rodgers also still play at the same high level as they used to in their earlier days in the NFL.And then, there is Tom BradyAt 41, he is the league’s oldest quarterback (and oldest non-kicker in general) and he keeps defying expectations of what being an older play in the NFL means. Since turning 35 in the offseason leading into the 2012 season, Brady has led the New England Patriots to two Super Bowl trophies, and has won a combined three MVP awards (one regular season Steve Grogan Jerseys 2019 , two in the title game).2018 is more of the same. While Brady’s statistical output looks comparatively pedestrian when compared to his ridiculously productive last three seasons, he still is very much in the conversation as the league’s best quarterback. And even though he finds himself in unchartered territory for players his age he keeps adding to his already legendary r茅sum茅 — and according to the man himself, he plans to keep doing it.“I’d like to go till I’m 45,” Brady told NBC Sports’ Peter King after Sunday night’s victory over the Green Bay Packers and fellow old man quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “I know I said that a hundred times, and no one believes me. But I mean, I feel good. I could go play another game tomorrow. I know what to do. It’s fun. What else would you rather do than run out in front of 70,000 people and throw a football?”While Brady regularly pointed out his goal of playing until turning 45, he put on a more cautiously sounding tone this offseason. Of course, his remarks also left plenty of room for interpretation: he told Oprah Winfrey that he thinks about retirement more than he used to and also spoke in an interview with his own TB12 brand about “seeing the end line now.” His most recent statements, however White Kevin Faulk Jerseys , leave little doubt about what he wants to do.Brady being asked about hanging up his cleats is nothing new. Back in 2014, for example, the then-37-year old told WEEI that he will retire when his game is no longer up to the lofty standards he sets for himself. “When I suck, I’ll retire,” the future Hall of Famer said before continuing: “I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.” We are nine weeks into the 2018 season and Brady is still far from sucking. 45 seems to be as realistic as it has ever been. The Patriots are always ahead of league trends. It’s intentional."The New England Patriots are always at the forefront of league trends, whether it’s the 3-4 defensive front, or the utilization of slot receivers, or use of multiple tight ends, or whatever concoction Bill Belichick has cooked up over the offseason.It’s intentional and Belichick spoke on Wednesday about how the team adjusts over time to react to league trends.New England needs both the coaching strategy and the players in order to stop these trends, and that requires adjustments on the fly. The Patriots used to get gashed by mobile quarterbacks Kevin Faulk Jerseys 2019 , until they figured out how to use a five-man defensive line to both contain the quarterback and the running game. Adding Kyle Van Noy on the edge was a major fix to a problem that consistently bothered the Patriots for a couple season.And adding Patrick Chung as a linebacker this past post-season provided the Patriots with a player that could cover running backs out of the backfield, another Achilles’ heel of the team.Belichick went on to share how these trends are recognized.A clear example is how the Patriots had a lot of trouble defending the interior pass rush against the Denver Broncos in the 2013 postseason, as Malik Jackson and Derek Wolfe pressured Tom Brady all day. It’s not a coincidence that the Patriots then added interior players like Bryan Stork, Shaq Mason, Tre Jackson, David Andrews, Joe Thuney, and Ted Karras, until the problem was fixed.New England also compensated for the interior pressure by getting rid of the ball more quickly thanks to pre-snap reads, which is a strategic decision that’s now spreading around the league. The butterfly effect of the shortened time to throw is that opposing pass rushes are not as impactful White Tedy Bruschi Jerseys , unless there’s good, complementary coverage that forces the quarterback to hold on to the football. This concept isn’t novel, but as teams pour resources into their defensive front, the Patriots are investing in a secondary that can force quarterbacks to hold on to the football.Another trend that the Patriots are capitalizing on? The shrinking size of linebackers in order to cover more agile tight ends in the passing game. Smaller linebackers mean easier sledding for rushing attacks, which is why the Patriots were able to waltz down the field with Sony Michel during this latest postseason.Trends are like the tide and Belichick just wants to stay ahead of the flood. The next trend on Belichick’s mind? Big receivers.As defensive backs got smaller and quicker to handle slot receivers like Wes Welker, Danny Amendola, and Julian Edelman, other offenses have adjusted by putting larger players in the slot like Marques Colston, Larry Fitzgerald, and Amari Cooper. And as more and more large receivers enter the league Tedy Bruschi Jerseys 2019 , defenses are going to have to adjust for their size and defend the jump ball. One way to avoid that issue is to not overcorrect for these trends.Belichick went on to note that standards have changed as players have gotten larger and faster, but the idea of a standard remains and the goal of “evaluating what a player’s total performance is going to be” is still the goal.That’s why the Patriots have continued to draft larger linebackers like Dont’a Hightower, Jamie Collins, and Ja’Whaun Bentley, and acquire Van Noy, because a more involved running game is right around the corner. New England will be ready.Sony Michel is already taking advantage of smaller defenses. Tom Brady is already taking advantage of weaker secondaries by negating their expensive pass rushes. And when bigger wide receivers start taking over the league, the Patriots will be ready with the 6’1 Stephon Gilmore and 6’1 J.C. Jackson. And they’ll still be capable in the slot with the 5’11 Duke Dawson and 5’10 Jonathan Jones. There will more trends in 2019, with teams watching film of the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams to decide the next RPO-like craze. Fortunately, Belichick and the Patriots have some recent experience in stopping both of those teams. They’ll be just fine.

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