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Asthma attacks can be prevented if the trigger factor is known and can be avoided. The attacks triggered by exercise can be avoided by taking medicine before exercise. These prevention efforts that can be done to prevent any future attacks of asthma Authentic Anthony Duclair Jersey , among others:

1. Maintain health

2. Keeping the environment clean with an air purifier singapore

3. Avoid trigger factors asthma attack

4. Using anti-asthma medications

Each patient must try to take precautionary action. But if the symptoms are arising it is necessary anti-asthma medications to relieve symptoms and further maintained that the patient is free of symptoms of asthma.

Maintain Health

Maintaining health is a business that is inseparable from the treatment of asthma. If the patient is weak and malnourished, not only susceptible to disease but also means it is easy to get along with its complications asthma attack. These efforts to maintain health which include eating good food, nutritional value, drink a lot, rest Authentic Josh Anderson Jersey , recreation and sport appropriate. Patients are encouraged to drink plenty unless prohibited doctor, suffering from other diseases such as heart disease or kidney.

Many drinks will dilute phlegm in the respiratory tract, so that sputum was easily removed. Conversely if the person is not drinking, sputum will be very thick, tough and difficult removed. In severe asthma attack many patients who are dehydrated. It is caused by excessive sweating Authentic Nick Foligno Jersey , lack of drinking and evaporation of excess fluid from the airway due to breathing fast and deep.

Keeping the environment clean with an air purifier singapore

Environment where people with everyday life greatly affect the incidence of asthma attacks. The state of the house for example is very important to note. The house should not be humid, ventilation and sunlight. Sewers must be current. The bedroom is a place that needs special attention. Bedroom should contain as little as possible to avoid any goods house dust.

No pets, smoke, mosquito spray, or hair sprays and other triggers of asthma. Work environment is also a concern especially when clearly there is a relationship between work environment with his asthma attacks.

Avoiding Triggers Factor

The most common allergens that cause asthma are dust mites that means avoiding house dust must be understood. Other allergens such as cats Authentic David Savard Jersey , dogs, birds, need attention and also keep in mind that the animals were not suspected as cockroaches and rats can cause asthma.

Respiratory tract viral infections often trigger asthma. Asthma sufferers should stay away from those who are stricken with influenza. Also advised to avoid crowded places or crowded. Avoid excessive fatigue, rain, extreme temperatures replacement Authentic Oliver Bjorkstrand Jersey , running around chasing public transport or exhausting exercise. If you’re going to exercise, do warm up exercises and recommended taking drugs to prevent asthma attacks. Substances that stimulate the respiratory tract are like cigarette smoke, car exhaust, gasoline vapors, fumes or vapors paint chemicals and other dirty air should be avoided.

Note medications taken Authentic Ryan Murray Jersey , particularly drugs for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart (beta-blockers), anti-rheumatic drugs (aspirin, and the like). Dye (tartrazine) and food preservatives (benzoic acid) can also cause asthma.

Using anti-asthma medications

In mild asthma attack frequency especially rare, the patient should wear a bronchodilator drugs, either the form of tablets Authentic Sonny Milano Jersey , capsules and syrups. But if you want to order his asthma symptoms quickly disappear, obviously aerosols better. In more severe attacks, when they might be able to add a dose of the drug, it is often better to combine two or three kinds of drugs. For example, initially with aerosols or tablets syrup sympathomimetic (relief of symptoms) and then combined with theophylline and if not also disappeared recently added corticosteroids.

In chronic asthma when the situation is under control can be tried medications that prevent asthma. The purpose medications that prevent asthma attacks are in addition to prevent asthma attack is also expected that the use of drugs bronchodilators and systemic steroids can be reduced and even if it may be discontinued.

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