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Home Remedies For Arthritis Clayton Thorson Jersey , Simple And Effective Natural Treatment Health Articles | November 20, 2011
Arthritis is the inflammation of joints which causes lot of discomfort and pain. There are many home remedies for arthritis which are safe to use and simple to follow.

Inflammation of joints is known as arthritis. It causes lot of discomfort and pain and restricts the movement of the joint. Although it is associated with the old age but in some cases it might affect anybody regardless of their age or gender. Arthritis can be caused due to destruction or damage to the joints. Some of the common causes of arthritis are; trauma, age Shareef Miller Jersey , infection, cold weather, obesity JJ Arcega-Whiteside Jersey , genetics, mental or physical strain, excessive use of rich food or deficiency of organic sodium and minerals. Some common symptoms of arthritis can be inflammation of ligaments Miles Sanders Jersey , muscles and cartilage, severe pain in affected joints and extreme pain while movement of the joint in windy, cold and damp weather.

Arthritis Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for arthritis which are simple to follow and safe to use. Some of the popular home remedies for arthritis are:

1. One of the simplest home remedies for arthritis is to gently massage the affected area with warm olive oil.聽

2. Potato juice is also one of the effective home remedies for arthritis. All you need to do is take a medium sized potato and cut it into many thin slices with skin intact. Take a large glass filled with cold water and put these slices in it. Leave it overnight and the very next morning drink this water on empty stomach.聽

3. Take any green leafy vegetable and extract one cup of green juice from it. Now mix it in equal proportions with red beet Andre Dillard Jersey , carrot and celery juices and drink. These juices will help in dissolving the accumulation of deposits around tissues and joints.聽

4. Rumatone Gold oil is known to have anti-inflammatory property and can be used to massage the affected area. This will result in strengthening of the skeletal and neuromuscular systems as well as bone tissues. The movement of the muscles and joints will become comfortable.

5. Make it a daily habit of relaxing for thirty minutes in a tub filled with warm water mixed with a cupful of sea salt in it.

6. Try to keep your body warm in all circumstances. Do not bandage your joints tightly as it can interfere in blood circulation.

7. Ginger is also very effective in treating arthritis. It is known to have anti-inflammatory property. Just peel and slice a fresh ginger (half inch) and consume it with each meal.

8. Consuming small amount of cod liver oil on regular basis is very helpful in slowing down the degeneration of cartilage. It also contains omega-3 acids which help in reducing the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis.

9. Take a tablespoon of honey and add half teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Consume this mixture before breakfast every morning for one month. You will see the results within the first week of usage.

10. In order to improve the circulation around the joints, use essential oils with their tissue cleansing properties such as lemon, juniper and cypress. Chamomile DeSean Jackson Jersey , lavender and rosemary oils with their high anti-inflammatory and mild analgesic properties can also be used.

These were some of the common home remedies for arthritis which are simple, cost-effective and easy to use.
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